ACCEL India provides Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipments including Packaged Chilling Units, Graded Castings.
Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India offers AC Refrigeration Compressors, Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers.
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Supplier of AC Refrigeration Equipment including AC Refrigeration Compressors, Packaged Chilling Units and Plate Ice Machines.
Offers Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers by Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India.
Manufacturer of Graded Castings, Air Conditioning Equipments by ACCEL India.
Supplier of HVACR System, HVAC System, AC Refrigeration Equipments in India.

Manufacturer of Graded Casting, AC Refrigeration Equipments by Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd. Supplier of Industrial Graded Castings, Packaged Chilling Units by ACCEL India.

ACCEL Graded Casting
ACCEL foundry division is capable of producing various Grades Casting, SG Iron and Special high duty alloy casting for in house as well as outside customers' requirements. Fully equipped with on line Carbon Silicon Analyser for testing furnace metal composition.

  Installed Capacity   2000 Tonnes per annum with Induction Furnace.
Range   Maximum melting capacity 700 Kgs, single piece
Sizes   Mehanite - GD, GC
    SG Iron - IS - 1865, SG - 700 / 2, 600 / 3, 400 / 12 etc.
    Grey Iron - IS - 210, Grade - 25 & others.
    Alloy Casting - As per customers' requirement.
Application   All industries Sectors specially for Machine Tools, Compressors,
    Electric Motors, Pumps, Valves and Pharmaceutical Machinery.  

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