Package AC

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ACCEL PAC series of Package AC's are rugged industrial and commercial application Package AC's .At the core are ACCEL HS series of compressors ,CF series of centrifugal fans,Evaporator and Condensers Coils and a effective control system.
The Package AC's are tested as per IS 8148 equivalent of ARI 340-360.As these are being used by Armed Forces they comply with MIL Standards and have undergone rigorous testing in India
The standard sizes available are 10,16,18,20,25,31.5,40 TR cooling capacity.Heat Pump operation can be provided as per requirement.

They are manufacture for using eco friendly gases like R-134a,R-407c ,R-404a
Optional Configurations are as follows

  1. Water Cooled /Air Cooled
  2. Microprocessor control,Manual Control.
  3. SCADA/PLC based control systems for cobination of Package AC units.
  4. Heat Pump