Semi Hermetic HS Series Compressor for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications

  • Evaporating Temperature Range : (-) 35°C to (+) 10°C
  • Condensing Temperature Range : 30° C to 60° C
  • Operating Voltage : 380-460V / 50 Hz



  • Incorporates both the compressor and motor in a single housing, reducing footprint.
  • Built on the rugged and proven industrial design of ACCEL SMC series compressors.
  • Inbuilt motor winding protection with PTC thermistor for protection against motor overload.
  • Operation upto 60° C condensing temperature to suit Indian and high ambient condition.
  • Compatible withecofriendly Refrigerants like: R-134a, R-404a & R-407c.
  • Easily repairable at site.
  • EMI/EMC compliant as per MIL 461-E/F


Optional Features:

  • Stepwise capacity control through Solenoid Valve.
  • Stepless capacity control with VFD drive, speed will be regulated as per pressure or temperature requirements with inbuilt relays for pressure safety cutouts.
  • Oil Separator with timer controlled oil return for low temperature applications.
  • Set of tools and normal spares
  • Pressure switches cutouts and gauges
  • Crank case heater.
  • IP 55 terminal box


Capacity Rating with R-22 gas,rating charts for other gases are available on request.


Industrial fans and blowers manufacturers in India

CCEL Centrifugal Fans & Blowers Cater to wide variety of light and heavy duty applications in wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

Range :

400 m3/hr (Minimum) – 10,00,000 m3/hr (Maximum)

Static Pressure :

6mm of WG (Minimum) – 2000 mm of WG (Maximum)

Size(Impeller Diameter) :

275 mm (Minimum) – 3000 mm (Maximum)

Models :

CSDA / CSSA / CRTA / B & F / PH / MX / MH / XB / XS / XE / XC XO / 86 / 96

Application :

ID Fan, FD Fan, Coal Mill Fan, ESP Fan, Cooler Fan, Air Slide
 Blower, Cool Vent Fan, Nose Cooling Fan, Bag Filter Fan,Exhaust Fan,
 Supply Fan, Roof Ventilator, Bifurcator, Axial Flow Fan.

Benefit :

Wide Selection, High efficiency, Low sound level, Excellent for dust
 loading applications, Economical, Use of Special alloys, Wider choice of
 flow control methods, Special design for hot gas applications,
 Rapid temperature swings.

Constructional Features :

Spark Proof / Spark Resistant Blade Liner (Replacement) – To resist wear &
 tear of major parts.
 Impeller Hard Facing – Sweat on paste / Electrode / Wear Plate.
 Lining – Rubber / FRP / Ebonite / Neoprene (For Chemical Industries).
 Construction – MS / SS / Aluminium.
 M.O.C of impeller – Weldox / ASTM / Tiscroll (For High temp).
 Coating – Zinc Spray / Hot Dip Galvanizing / Epoxy.
 Noise Control – Rockwool Insulation / Silencer.
 Impeller Washing Arrangement – Water / Steam.
 Capacity Control – Inlet / Outlet / IGV / BDMP Damper.
 Sealing – Dry Plate / Gland packing / Labyrinth / Mechanical.
 Drive – V Belt / Coupling / V VV F / Gearbox / Fluid / Hydraulic Coupling.

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An ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company